Product Description

100g of un-dyed Lleyn, hand processed, British wool fibre in Batts.

Suitable for use in hand spinning and felting, this fibre takes dyes and shows colours well, with a touch of muted lustre.

Best spun Worsted style for a soft and strong yarn, but also makes a great Woolen.

Supplied in hand carded Batts, ready for use.

Breed: LLeyn.
Staple Length: 3-5 inches.
Fibre Diameters: 26-31 Microns. (Spinning Counts 50s to 56s)

Please note that we do our utmost to ensure that this fibre is clean and free from vegetable matter, nepps and other impurities, but very occasionally the tiniest bit does sneak past us.

This product is entirely hand processed from locally sourced fleece. No harsh chemicals are used in processing.

All of our raw fleece suppliers are vetted for high standards of animal husbandry.